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A carpet for every space could be yours

Over the past several years, carpet has come a long way. Now with more benefits than ever, it’s perfect for a variety of rooms, functions, and looks great with just about any décor option. When you find out what this material can do for you, it may solidify your loyalty to the material.

Just compare your own list of requirements and preferences with all that this floor covering has to offer to see if it’s right for your home. You’ll be surprised to find out how well it fits your needs.

A carpet store that specializes in you

At Artizan Flooring, three generations of experience come together to create a flooring service that is as much art as it is a necessity. As a carpet flooring retailer, we offer high-quality materials and services to assure perfection in every project we carry out.

With a showroom in Plymouth, IN, we proudly extend our services to those in Plymouth, Culver, Bremen, and Lakeville. We invite you to visit us and find out what we can do for you. No project is too big or small, and we’re excited at the opportunity to serve.

Why carpet makes a difference

Carpet used to be a product that you installed under only certain conditions. These days, it’s extremely resistant to stains, with many brands offering protection built into the very fibers of your flooring.

Crush resistance and extra durability are also common features in this floor covering that you’ll see in nearly every carpet store. It’s a better choice now, for busy areas like living rooms, entryways, and hallways offering excellent protection and warranties that match.

As always, carpet offers excellent benefits such as extreme underfoot softness, which also makes this material more heat retentive. You’ll wind up with a warmer home and lower energy bills just by switching to this material for your home.

Noise reduction is another great benefit, leaving you with a more peaceful environment, even with pets and children around. It’s especially beneficial between floors and can work to bring great tranquility to your home.
Luxury carpet in Plymouth, IN from Artizan Flooring
A professional installation is necessary for the best results, along with regular cleaning. For most households, a professional cleaning team should clean carpets at least once every eighteen months, with daily vacuuming and spot cleaning as necessary. For bigger messes or harder stains, be sure to contact your local carpet flooring retailer.

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